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Archery Range Rules

Archery Rules, Laws and Etiquette

All persons must be clear of range before shooting can commence.

Arrows must be shot from designated shooting line only.

Arrows must be aimed and released at Target Butts only.

Archers shall shoot arrows at the same time.

Archers shall retrieve arrows at the same time.

Archers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the range.

Target arrows only may be used on this range.

Persons using the archery range do so at their own risk.

Crossbows, firearms, BB guns, airsoft guns are all prohibited.

Archery Laws

Please respect Ontario's laws concerning archery and its safe use. Keep longbows and recurve bows unstrung until arriving at the archery range. Compound bows must be carried in a box or bag and only removed after arriving at the archery range.

Doing archery in an unsafe place or manner is reckless endangerment. Violating this (including not following the rules at the Toronto Archery Range) carries a $400 fine plus possible prison time. Reckless endangerment is no laughing matter.

For further information consult the Conservation Authorities Act (Regs 98 to 136), the Provincial Offences Act (Reg 950) and the Niagara Parks Act (Reg 829).

Archery Etiquette

Archery Etiquette