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The Toronto Archery Club

Welcome to the The Toronto Archery Club's official page on If you want to join the Toronto Archery Club please sign up on either the Meetup page listed below, or the Toronto Archery Club Facebook page. That is it. Membership is free!

The Toronto Archery Club on

The Toronto Archery Club on Facebook

The Toronto Archery Club was founded on April 13th 2014. As of January 10th 2015 the club has surpassed 150 members.

The Toronto Archery Club hosts monthly meetups and also special events sometimes. eg. Halloween is one of the favourite events to attend. Another favourite is every June we have a picnic at the archery range.

The purpose of the Toronto Archery Club is primarily to bring together people interested in shooting bows or crossbows, including compound bows, recurve bows, short bows, horse bows, longbows, traditional bows, Olympic recurve, hybrid bows, pyramid bows, PVC bows, crossbows, scorpion bows and whatever kind of archery you happen to practice. We do not discriminate, everyone is welcome. (Although crossbows are not allowed at the Toronto Public Archery Range, we are hoping to open an indoor range that will be able to accomodate crossbows.)

Indoor Archery Range

In cooperation with the Toronto Archery Club, is hoping to open an indoor archery range where both archers and crossbowmen can practice, including Olympic hopefuls, hunters, and recreational archers.

In an effort to open this indoor range we have created a Waiting List. Membership fees will be $100 per month or $800 for an annual membership. If you would like to put your name on the Waiting List please email with the following information:

  • Your Full Name.
  • Phone Number (Home and/or Cell).
  • Email Address.
  • Whether you are interested in a Monthly or Annual membership.

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    If you happen to know of an archery club we have missed please contact us and let us know.