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Hello and welcome to ARCHERY TORONTO, your one-stop guide to Archery in Toronto and the GTA.

Here you will find all the information to begin doing archery in Toronto, where to do archery, where to buy archery equipment, where to get archery lessons, the laws, rules and etiquette governing archery, a list of archery clubs in Toronto, recommendations for archery blogs in Toronto, and even local Toronto archery news. If you have any questions please read the corresponding section or check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Please observe ALL of the archery range rules when visiting the Toronto Archery Range. It is also advised that all archers follow proper etiquette and behave responsibly at the archery range. When in doubt, follow common sense.


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September 19th 2017

The three target butts that collapsed recently have all been repaired. Furthermore, thanks to people contacting Park Staff about the shoddy repairs they did a more professional job repairing the target butts this time so they should last longer. One 30 yard target, and one 50 yard target were also repaired.

September 17th 2017

More of the target butts have collapsed recently - see photo below. Oddly enough two of the targets that have collapsed are also two which were repaired recently. The targets repaired on September 1st and also July 11th were repaired in a hurry and unfortunately whomever was responsible did a shoddy job of repairing them.

If you would like to see them repaired sooner, try emailing and asking politely for the Park Staff to repair the targets. Also please ask them to be patient and do a better job when repairing them, and remember to reinforce them with more wood behind the tentest, so that they last longer. Repairing them in a hurry only causes them to be put up in a shoddy manner and causes them to collapse more easily.

September 5th 2017

The Toronto Archery Range will be CLOSED for cleaning on the morning of September 16th. A team of local volunteers will be cleaning up the archery range to make it spotless. People wishing to take part can show up. We recommend bringing work gloves. The sooner the range is cleaned, the sooner people will be able to shoot again.

For more details about the cleanup, check the Facebook group at and/or contact David Forrest via Facebook.

September 1st 2017

Four targets have been repaired: Two 20 yard targets, plus one 50 and one 60 yard target.

August 11th to 27th 2017

Bass Pro ia having their "Fall Hunting Classic" sale from August 11th to 27th, which includes sales on compound bows, arrows, arrowheads, etc and a "trade in your old gear" deal in which you can trade in your old compound bow and get "up to $100" off when buying a new compound bow. Unfortunately the "deal" isn't really much of a deal, as you would be better off selling your old bow on Craigslist, Kijiji or eBay for way more than $100.

For example you only get the $100 deal if the new bow you are buying is worth $800 or more. You only get $25 if the new bow is worth $200 to $399.99, $50 if you are buying a new bow worth $400 to $599.99, and $75 if you are buying a new bow worth $600 to $799.99. So if you do math the discount is really only approx. 12.5% to 6.25% off the regular price, and it encourages you to spend more on a more expensive bow in an effort to get that full $100 discount.

However lets pretend you bought a $600 bow two years ago and you want to sell it... Trading it in and buying a similar bow for $600 will only get you $75 off the price. In contrast if you sold your bow, assuming it is in good working order, on Craigslist, Kijiji or eBay you could potentially get $300 to $450 instead of a mere $75 - as many bows that are kept in good condition are worth 50 to 75% of their original value.

August 9th 2017

One of the 20 yard targets collapsed this afternoon during a gust of wind. It had been bowing out terribly recently. When the park staff put up six targets on July 11th, they did a rush job of it and over-tightened the 1st target at the south end of the range, which sped up the bowing out process.

Local archers restacked the butt and wedged in pieces of tentest at the top in the hopes that it will stay up longer, but we advise the following when shooting at that target:

  • Don't use a compound bow on that butt. Your arrow will go right through.
  • Please don't use higher poundage bows on that butt. It will just speed up its process of falling apart.
  • Avoid aiming high in the middle. Some of the tentest broke in half when the target butt collapsed, so that section is weaker when it was restacked using broken pieces.

    Update: A 2nd target butt also collapsed about two weeks later and was also restacked. Both of these targets were eventually replaced on September 1st.


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